Function, structure and expo theme are harmoniously combined through the utilization of form as a tool for orientation and way finding. The pavilion, by both passive and active systems, directs and guides visitors seamlessly to areas of the expo through intriguing information rich pathways.   Landscaped gardens, directional walkways and dynamic digital information boards combine to create a multi-sensory orientation system.

The location of the pavilion played an important role in not only connecting the building visually across the main axes of the site but so as to celebrate the connection of Italy to the rest of the world by being located at the very central connection. The location also provides the opportunity to play with perspectival views across the site. Live LED screens therefore wrap the pavilions rooftop walkways which can be used to both display static information and as dynamic way finding visuals or events that take place during the expo, these would circulate around the building to actively direct visitors.

Through the use of carefully studied circulation routes the pavilion transforms and contorts itself to create an cluster of elevated platforms. The ramps of circulation therefore enhances the visitors interaction, accessibility and vantage points whilst they directing themselves to another location within the expo.

The Spatial organisation of the proposal is that of a cluster of three pavilions with specific functions, allowing for people to freely circulate between them; creating a sense of place within such a vast exhibition and thus becoming a point of reference for the entire site.

Planted areas capturing a fragment of agricultural plant life from each of the participating countries are integrated into the proposal along the Decumano boulevard and converge with planted areas at the intersection of the Cardo gardens containing various Italian food producing species which supplements the pavilions along the Cardo that showcase all the cultures and traditions, typical of the Italian food industry.