The magic and excitement of Christmas is installed in the fabric and function of the proposal for a new logistics centre for Mr Claus. A spectacle is created through the implementation of drone technology as they fill the air; operating as automated helpers in the workshop and store areas and as they emerge from the gift tower for deliveries; meeting the new demands of Mr Claus’s constantly growing business.

The concept behind the augmentation of the proposal is to create a building which expresses its primary function of storage through articulating the shelving units into an undulating landscape above and arched spaces below. Highly insulated prefabricated Ruuki panels are used as the primary cladding system for the cascading roofing elements, reducing the on-site construction time whilst also meeting the thermal requirements for the project.

The spirit of giving has been incorporated into the proposal through offering the people of Oulu the gift of a large external public program including: gardens, an ice skating rink and football pitch. This was achieved by sinking a large portion of the logistics centre into the ground as well as the use of vertical storage; reducing the footprint of the building and providing a visible icon as a reminder of the joy of Christmas.